On a shuttle service there may be a charge for infants who are under the age of two. Please note some destinations have a legal requirement for the infant/child to be secured with in a baby seat/booster seat. Should our Partner not be able to provide a baby seat you will need to supply your own. Where the infant is not legally required to be secured in a baby seat the infant will be required to travel on the lap of a responsible adult. You must include the infant in the total number of people you are booking the transfer for. If a child requires a seat they will be charged the full price, please show this on your booking by selecting the child as two years old not under two years old so the correct size vehicle is booked. For children who are two and above a seat must always be booked at the normal price for the shuttle in question. At times there may be discounted prices for children aged 2 – 12 years old, however this will vary accordingly to the travelling dates and destinations; therefore it’s imperative that at the time of booking you fully advise us of all infant/children and their ages. Children’s ages will be classed as the age they are on their outbound travel date. The transfer provider reserves the right to double check children’s ages on their passport; should it be found that they are over the age of 12 but received a child’s discount price; the price difference will need to be paid direct to our partner. 

For Taxis and Private Transfers all children and infants count towards the occupancy of the vehicle regardless of age and thus must be included in the total number of passengers at the time of booking eg; for a party of 3 adults, one child and a baby, you will need to book a vehicle that seats a minimum of five people.